Planned Maintenance System

A Planned Maintenance System includes various functions to optimize and plan your maintenance management to create greater fleet efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership. SERTICA supports scheduled maintenance, fleet preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and condition-based maintenance that is encompassed within one overall maintenance management system.

Plan and execute your jobs based on an advanced job list, which also shows the relations between jobs. Get an overview of inventory and components, which can be moved between vessels to reduce costs. Follow and act on your maintenance history and reduce downtime on equipment. Benefits of the maintenance management system include:

• Secured data exchange, including vessels, on shore and dry dock
• Structured fleet maintenance data
• Reduced downtime with fleet preventive maintenance
• Expanded lifetime on equipment across the fleet
• Maintaining knowledge on equipment and machinery
• Full inventory control with our computerized maintenance management system
• Improved working environment, including task management and timekeeping
• Efficient internal workflows

Eliminate manual processes as well as chaotic and uncoordinated collection of spreadsheets, documents and emails with our Planned Maintenance System. SERTICA provides useful functionality to the everyday user as well as management tools for managing and measuring the success of the maintenance department.
Designed for integration across fleets of different sizes, the SERTICA system is fully equipped to cope with the demands of small business and large corporations alike. With a robust engine that operates even in the most unstable of conditions, SERTICA gives operators complete peace of mind that they have a CMMS that they can trust and depend on.


Module Overview


A unique tool developed to extract and analyze any relevant combination of data from SERTICA. Identify areas for cost savings and new opportunities for your business Go to Analytics


Manage a variety of tasks through a mobile device with the SERTICA apps: Inspection, Job, Stock and Approval. Reduce the time in front of the computer and complete tasks with a few clicks. Go to Apps

Central Data Management

A unique method of preparing data to manage and share across groups of vessels. The data can be constructed to ensure uniform implementation across the fleet, which provides easy commissioning, data management and reporting across the entire fleet. Go to Central Data Management

Data Synchronisation

Synchronize information between ship and shore in an optimized and secure way. Experience a system of accurate and timely data alignment, which synchronizes automatically. Go to Data Synchronisation

Defect Reporting

Track the number of unplanned maintenance jobs registered as defects. The defect reports appear on the task list with the possibility to measure and follow up on defects separately. Go to Defect Reporting

Dry Dock

Make complex dockings simple and manageable. Control dry dockings by securing the agreed price and manage the risks throughout the entire process. Go to Dry Dock

Document Management

Efficient workflow to create, revise, review, approve and publish documents. Organize, manage and distribute documents safely and efficiently between office and vessel without creating conflicting versions. Go to Document Management

Dynamic Dashboard

Design your own dashboards and achieve a graphical overview of your most important KPIs. A great management and follow-up tool with a modern and structured layout of information.

KPI tracking is integral to growth and detecting areas in need of improvement. Ensuring your company is operating to the high standards you envision and monitor performance at every level within your organization.

Go to Dynamic Dashboard

Fleet Supervision

A unique office database with a 100% accurate copy of all vessel databases. This allows you to access each individual vessel database instantaneously, as well as assessing data across all vessels. Go to Fleet Supervision


A paperless system simplifying processes with pre-defined electronic forms in Word and Excel with automatic filling of data. Create customized templates for maintenance jobs, risk analysis, reporting events or to fulfil the EU MRV requirements. Go to Forms

Inventory Management

Manage information about components, locations, jobs, history, certificates and spare parts effectively in an inventory management system. You get the perfect overview of your inventory, which is essential in relation to maintenance and procurement processes. Go to Inventory Management

Job List

Plan, structure and manage daily maintenance jobs electronically to improve productivity. Avoid break-downs and create a better working environment in your technical department with less stress. Go to Job List

Jobtext Management

Jobtext Management allows you to create and manage extracts of Makers manuals as an integral part of your planned maintenance system. Go to Jobtext Management


Synchronize data between SERTICA and other third-party systems to increase the level of automation. As an example, you can synchronize to your ERP system, crewing, HR and data warehouses. Go to SYNC

Task List

A central to-do list for technical staff to complete advanced planning and resource optimization. Get an easy overview of all tasks – both on vessel and fleet level. Go to Task List

Master Data Management

Manage master data centrally to reduce administration costs and breakdowns. Both maintenance and procurement processes are optimized with data in one location. Go to Master Data Management

Case - DFDS

In the past, DFDS had four different systems, each of which had a replication engine for data exchange. SERTICA runs on just one engine which is stable and works - all the time. This is the primary reason that SERTICA is very succesful across the entire organisation.

SERTICA consequently minimises unnecessary downtime, which is a significant advantage. Jakob Steffensen elaborates: “What is ingenious about SERTICA is that it is designed specifically to function on an unstable network connection. It has saved us a lot of worries. Our crews are very happy with the system. They no longer need the hassle of data transfers because now they happen automatically in practice.”

Read more about DFDS, preventive maintenance and SERTICA in this case story.

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