Monitoring Reporting and Verification

The Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) regulations aim to quantify and reduce CO2 emissions from shipping and create a new benchmarking system in Europe. Fulfil these requirements in three easy steps with an annual ship-specific emissions report created in a customized MRV form:

1. Each vessel reports the required data per voyage using the SERTICA Forms module
2. Using SERTICA Analytics, the emissions statistics are calculated
3. SERTICA makes emission reports available on vessel and voyage level with all the required data

This e-learning guide shows how MRV reporting is made easy in the Safety Management Software SERTICA.

Safety Management System

SERTICA includes the accessibility and easy management of safety-related documents and tasks. All SERTICA users can revise all documents and tasks through an approval flow. Changes are tracked in the changelog, so no information is lost.

You can monitor incidents and unsafe situations. By tracking all incidents in one single system, you minimize risks and learn from previous incidents. You can even track audits, risk management, vetting, near-misses, non-conformities and corrective action.

A Safety Management System ensures complete traceability and an accurate reporting workflow between vessel and office. Benefits include:

• Total compliance
• Safety awareness
• Efficient work procedures
• Reduced dry docking and costs
• Reduced risk of detained ships
• Reduced delays and off-hire
• Fewer incidents
• Handling undesired incidents and near-misses across the fleet


Module Overview

Case - UltraShip focuses on Maritime Safety

UltraShip decided to define a Safety Mindset already when it started up in 2013. Today, maritime safety is an integral part of the company’s mindset and a cross-cutting issue in all activities. UltraShip commits to developing and stimulating a safe working culture on-board ships and ashore.

A Safety vision is formulated focusing on building the safety awareness of the employees. The safety I’s and much more are described in UltraShip’s own Safety Mindset booklet, which internally, is known as “the bible.” The booklet contains the entire risk management process headed by the UltraShip Safety Vision.

The Integrated Management System is handled in the Safety Management Software SERTICA and Søren Vest, Head of Marine QA at Ultraship says, “SERTICA Safety Management Software supports all our working processes, both safety and in general. By using modules such as Inspection, Reporting, Activities and Events, we support the goals set out in our Safety Mindset booklet.” He concludes, “we plan to use SERTICA for many years to come, as it is part of everything we do.”

Read more about UltraShip and SERTICA in this case story.

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