Shipping Management Software: Can you afford to rely on multiple systems?

The shipping business today faces many challenges. Fleet Managers around the world deal with numerous systems and complex processes regarding Shipping Management Software. Using multiple incompatible systems is very time consuming and you risk making unnecessary mistakes in the process.

SERTICA offers an all-in-one Shipping Management Software with extensive functionality in procurement, maintenance, HSQE, dry-docking, document management, inspections, etc. SERTICA is as easy and user-friendly to use at the office, as it is on-board vessels.

When utilizing the synergy in SERTICA, the result is cost optimization, paperless and streamlined workflows, compliance, stable data exchange and decreased off-hire.

Fleet Management System

SERTICA is a Fleet Management System that goes beyond just managing your fleet. Companies are different, as are the needs and conditions of the different departments and offices.

SERTICA is based on a holistic approach. It offers a flexible modular structure and broad functional coverage. The solution is divided into four functional areas, each offering area-specific modules that can be combined in order to match your company’s specific needs and priorities.

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Case - DFDS

In the past, DFDS had four different systems, each of which had a replication engine for data exchange. SERTICA is a Fleet Management Software running on just one engine which is stable and works - all the time. This is the primary reason that SERTICA is very succesful across the entire organisation.

SERTICA consequently minimises unnecessary downtime, which is a significant advantage. Jakob Steffensen elaborates: “What is ingenious about SERTICA is that it is designed specifically to function on an unstable network connection. It has saved us a lot of worries. Our crews are very happy with the system. They no longer need the hassle of data transfers because now they happen automatically in practice.”

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Case - UltraShip

UltraShip decided to define a Safety Mindset already when it started up in 2013. Today, safety is an integral part of the company’s mindset and a cross-cutting issue in all activities. UltraShip commits to developing and stimulating a safe working culture on-board ships and ashore.

A Safety vision is formulated focusing on building the safety awareness of the employees. The safety I’s and much more are described in UltraShip’s own Safety Mindset booklet, which internally, is known as “the bible.” The booklet contains the entire risk management process headed by the UltraShip Safety Vision.

The Integrated Management System is handled in SERTICA and Søren Vest, Head of Marine QA at Ultraship says, “SERTICA supports all our working processes, both safety and in general. By using modules such as Inspection, Reporting, Activities and Events, we support the goals set out in our Safety Mindset booklet.” He concludes, “we plan to use SERTICA for many years to come, as it is part of everything we do.”

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