SERTICA includes a planned maintenance system designed to manage, monitor and document maintenance activities in all lines of business.

By structuring maintenance data, you reduce downtime and improve the internal efficiency. Planning maintenance in the shipping software SERTICA saves you time and money.

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HSQE (Health, Security, Quality, Environment) is a very important area for many shipping companies. SERTICA Safety Management System benefits safety and quality throughout the organization and secures optimum work processes within the company.

SERTICA creates the best conditions for your facilities and crew while ensuring complete traceability and accurate reporting. It can adapt to operate with whatever standards and policies the company might have, which helps meet both legal and company requirements. The result of implementing this shipping software is a fleet in total compliance.

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SERTICA includes a centralized purchase order system for the main office. Optimize procurement processes and experience a paperless and streamlined workflow. It provides functionality that covers the entire procurement flow while also giving a clear overview of relevant data.

All data, including spare parts and supplier information, is exchanged between the vessel and the main office. This ensures that everyone has access to the most recent data.

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SERTICA optimizes the performance of individual vessels or an entire fleet. It helps you identify, analyze and monitor all the factors affecting the vessels’ energy consumption, such as fouling, engine and hull status.

Based on the collected data in the shipping software, you can optimize performance and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). As a result, fuel consumption, OPEX and emissions are reduced.

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