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14.01.2021 - News

When the ferry Lilleøre between Aarhus and Samsø starts operating, it will have SERTICA on board.

Blue ship sailing at sea between Hou and Aarhus with blue sky

Samsø Rederi is investing in the maintenance system SERTICA for Prinsesse Isabella which today sails between Hou and Sælvig as well as Lilleøre which will be deployed between Aarhus and Samsø in April 2021.

Samsø Rederi chooses to replace the current maintenance system on Prinsesse Isabella with SERTICA in relation to the commission of the new ferry Lilleøre.

Per Nymann, Technical Manager at Samsø Rederi, tells, “As a lifeline to Samsø it is important for us that we have a safe and efficient operation. With a system like SERTICA we can plan and optimize maintenance digitally and simplify internal workflows with mobile apps.”

Hans Christian Jensen, Sales Manager at Logimatic, adds, “Last month I visited Prinsesse Isabella to sign the sales contracts and at the same time I gave a 5-minute training in using the SERTICA app. 5 minutes is all it takes because it is meant to be easy.”

Christian Damhøj Jensen, Chief Engineer on board Prinsesse Isabella agrees and elaborates, “The app is actually surprisingly smart, and it has to be dead-simple for an old man like me. All I have to do is take a picture, start a job and press the button when the job is done.”

The simplicity and mobility in the form of an app is on the reasons why Samsø Rederi has chosen to change to the maintenance system SERTICA. Per Nymann, Technical Manager at Samsø Rederi, concludes, “We expect to have an easier workday with a logical and user-friendly maintenance system enabling us to each our goal with only a few clicks. We know SERTICA from other shipping companies and know that they have a great support in Aalborg.”

Facts about Samsø Rederi

  • The shipping company operates the route between Samsø and Hou in East Jutland with the ferry Prinsesse Isabella.
  • Samsø Rederi is expanding with the fast ferry Lilleøre which is a route for walking and cycling customers directly to Aarhus city center at Dokk1 from Samsø.
  • Prinsesse Isabella took it first trip from Samsø in 2015 where it was also named ship of the year in 2015 and it is the first dual fuel ferry in Denmark that can sail on LNG and/or marine gas oil.
  • Due to corona Lilleøre is delivered with a delay in the beginning of 2021 where the first trip is scheduled for April 26th, 2021.  

Facts about Logimatic

  • Danish software company established in 1987 in Aalborg
  • 120 employees in Aalborg, Copenhagen, Singapore, and Santiago in Chile
  • Specialized in maritime automation and software development, integration and migration
  • SERTICA Crewing & Payroll has just been added to the product portfolio

Facts about SERTICA

  • Maintenance system launched in 1991
  • Reduces operational costs through digitalized workflows and apps
  • Used by shipping companies worldwide and on board more than 1400 ships
  • References such as DFDS, Molslinjen, Scandlines and Fjordline