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04.09.2017 - News

Tvilum creates results with systematisation of spare parts and preventive maintenance

The Danish furniture manufacturer improves their maintenance department and introduces structure in the inventory of their spare parts with the implementation of the Maintenance Management System – SERTICA.

Tvilum factory

First and foremost, the motive for a systemisation of the maintenance at Tvilum was to manage the spare parts utilised for the production-machinery. Tvilum initiated the registration of spare parts in June 2014 and today they have 15.000 products registered.

Tvilum sorts their spare parts in a constructed shelf-system with QR codes and name labels on each box, which matches data in SERTICA. Kaspar Haugaard Johansen, SERTICA Supporter at Tvilum states, “Today we have a structured inventory, which facilitates the process of finding the spare parts that we need to conduct the maintenance more efficiently. In addition to this optimisation, we have total control of inventory and purchase of new spare parts. At the same time, we are able to document that our maintenance budget provides improved economy and we are able to measure our inventory value more accurately.”

The purchase of spare parts is conducted in SERTICA’s requisition system and currently the focus is to develop an interface for the finance system AX. Kaspar from Tvilum states, “we have removed 50% of our paper invoices, which saves both the purchase- and maintenance departments a lot of time. An additional advantage of the SERTICA digitalisation is that everyone is able to follow the purchase process, which makes it easier for us to plan our time.”

Dres Balling, Project Manager at Logimatic, states, “SERTICA is a planned maintenance software suitable for both small and large maintenance departments with the desire to reduce errors and additionally obtain a structure on both assignments and spare parts. This digitalisation saves your organisation both time and money. Tvilum is a great example of an organisation, which has come a long way with planned maintenance and systemised inventory control.”

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About Tvilum

Tvilum is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of functional flat-packed furniture at a fair price. It is the furniture which most frequently arrives in flat cardboard boxes. The buyer then needs to assemble the furniture with screws, dowels and glue at home. Tvilum is a fusion of several furniture manufacturers and today they have more than 1000 employees, of whom 25 works with SERTICA.→

About Logimatic

Logimatic is a Danish engineer and software organisation with international experience within purchase, implementation and support of in-house software solutions. SERTICA is a software solution to maintenance, performance, purchase and HSQE. The solution offers an optimisation of expenses, enhanced communication, a reduction of manual processes and increased accessibility of information. Logimatic has more than 30 years of experience with both the maritime and the industrial segment. Our extensive experience is constructed through uncountable implementations of software solutions throughout the world. It has given us a unique knowledge and define us as more than just a supplier of software systems.