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30.11.2015 - News

The user experience in focus

SERTICA is embarking on a major project to remain the most user-friendly and intuitive system on the market.


In early 2014, SERTICA embarked on an internal project to create even more value for users of SERTICA. This has included led to the development of a wide range of new modules and apps that help companies using SERTICA process their data in one single system.

The companies can therefore get a better overview of the entire process in the individual departments, interaction across the organization and automatic handling of data, all of which saves time and minimizes the number of errors in different administrative tasks.

The development of Sertica iOS Apps has been a key issue and the number of apps and their functionality has accelerated greatly. As a result, the ease of use and functionality have been extended to the highest level even when users are not at their computers.

User Experience  

In March 2014, Signe Skelgaard was hired as a UX consultant (User Experience) to make SERTICA even more user-friendly.

One of Signe’s primary tasks is to create a culture in Logimatic where there is even more focus on the individual user of SERTICA. By conducting user tests and using feedback from users, Signe has led the continued development of SERTICA as a user-friendly system for everyone.

Signe’s focus has been on both new projects and optimization of the existing solution, which has led to a large number of improvements and new features.

“We are constantly working to improve the user experience in SERTICA, so that everyone from the maintenance worker to the purchasing manager can see exactly the information they each need – both in the office and when they are“ out in the field ”, Signe Skelgaard says.

Vidensbaseret vedligehold

SERTICA er et system, der er baseret på viden. Derfor deltager dem der udvikler systemet i supporten af SERTICA, i brugerkonferencer og er generelt ofte i kontakt med kunderne. Denne nærhed har skabt en grundlæggende og omfattende forståelse for kundernes behov, hvilket Signe Skelgaard sørger for afspejles i udviklingen af SERTICA.

Ved at tage udgangspunkt i brugerens dagligdag er det meget nemmere at udvikle nye værdifulde funktioner for kunden, som samtidig nemt kan have overblik over sine mange nye muligheder.

”SERTICA​ udvikler sig hele tiden, og det er vigtigt, at vi gør hvad vi kan, for at brugerne får maksimalt udbytte af alle de nye muligheder,” afslutter Signe Skelgaard.