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01.10.2018 - News

Svitzer ensures a user-friendly system for its crew and optimizes its OPEX savings with SERTICA

Svitzer expands its SERTICA solution with the Jobtext Management module to establish a central database for all vessels to ensure high data quality. Simultaneously, Svitzer is setting up a spare parts management system in SERTICA to optimize OPEX savings.

One large ship and one small ship at sea close to harbor

The towage and salvage Svitzer is in the process of updating its PMS database by rebuilding the whole component structure to harmonize the planned maintenance system on a fleet wide level. To achieve this, a Technical Management System is created by utilizing the Management Systems and Jobtext Management modules in SERTICA.

All main equipment spare parts are added to the Spare Parts Management System, which enables Svitzer to engage in procurement discussions with relevant suppliers. Svitzer will stand stronger in these discussions as they can see how their equipment is performing on a global scale and identify the exact estimated forecast for spare part usage.

Evangelos Fragkoulis, Chief Technical Officer at Svitzer says, “The idea of linking the Management Systems and Jobtext Management modules arose at one of the yearly SERTICA conferences. We were very much inspired by Ultraship who explained about the benefits of doing this. The cooperation amongst the shipping companies using this PM System is a huge benefit of partnering with Logimatic. In addition, we can propose custom changes to SERTICA and have these implemented accordingly.”

The main drivers for the implementation of the additional modules is to enhance Svitzer’s technical performance, ensure high quality data, improve equipment reliability, and utilize its global ownership advantage. Furthermore, the crew at Svitzer benefits from a user-friendly planned maintenance system.

Evangelos tells, “As we have a large fleet and operate globally, it is crucial for us to be able to control the content of maintenance jobs easily and centrally. Not only is it ensuring a harmonized standard, but it further improves the performance and user experience of the crew, as they always have the right data and manuals at hand. We are also ensuring that all the vessels have a standardized Planned Maintenance System.”

Jesper Archard Henriksen, Project Manager at Logimatic says, “A central database will especially be beneficial for Svitzer due to the size of the fleet and its numerous types of equipment, as it connects all data and stores it in one system which provides easy accessibility. That Svitzer is starting from scratch is ensuring that all data complies with its quality standards, and the new database will contribute to prevent reoccurrence of defects, as experiences and information are centralized.”

Evangelos continues, “We no longer talk of sister vessels but rather sister equipment. It has completely changed our mindset. We want to utilize the vast experience of our crew, so in case a chief engineer comes up with a very clever change request to our maintenance jobs, then we make sure we replicate this new maintenance standard to all our sister equipment across the Svitzer fleet with the push of a button.”

About Svitzer
Since 1833, Svitzer has provided safety and support at sea. With 4,000 employees, a fleet of 430 vessels and operations all over the world, Svitzer is the global market leader within towage and emergency response.

About Logimatic
Logimatic is a Danish software and engineering company with more than 30 years of experience in the maritime industry. Logimatic is a leading global supplier of Fleet Management software for shipping lines and ship owners with more than 40 customers worldwide and more than 1200 active vessels running SERTICA for Planned Maintenance, Procurement and Safety Management.