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14.01.2019 - News

Logimatic appoints a Customer Success Manager to increase the value of SERTICA with existing customers

A software system is often used differently than the developers of the system intended. Since no system is better than its users, Logimatic now introduces a new service to its existing customers to ensure maximum value.

Logimatic employee at desk with computers

To ensure that shipping companies get maximum value from SERTICA, Logimatic has created a new position as Customer Success Manager. The new job function is occupied by Jesper Achard Henriksen, who is already a familiar face to many customers. Jesper has 4 years of experience working as Project Manager at Logimatic, so he knows both the customers and SERTICA very well. Before joining Logimatic, Jesper spend his entire career working in the shipping business as a Technical Superintendent and Engineer.   

In his new role as Customer Success Manager, Jesper will visit existing customers and follow them in their daily work with SERTICA. Based on his experience both as a user of SERTICA and consulting others in using SERTICA, he can give customers valuable advice to how to improve internal processes and tips to use SERTICA more efficiently.

Lars Riisberg, CEO at Logimatic states, “I see this as a great opportunity for our customers as Jesper understands both the world of shipping and the SERTICA software. We constantly pay attention to how we can improve our service and support to our customers. Therefore, we have acknowledged that we need to pay better attention to the actual use of SERTICA and how to increase value from both existing and new functionality.”

Jesper Achard Henriksen, Customer Success Manager at Logimatic adds, “By visiting our customers and following their work in SERTICA, I can add increased value to the use of SERTICA and internal processes in general. I understand their daily challenges and can offer the necessary advice to optimize the use of SERTICA with existing functionality. Logimatic is constantly introducing new functionality and modules, and I offer guidance to keep customers updated.”

Further information
Jesper Achard Henriksen, Logimatic,, (+45) 9156 6567
Lars F. Riisberg, Logimatic,, (+45) 2165 9085