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14.06.2017 - News

SKY-LIGHT improves maintenance with SERTICA

SKY-LIGHT has chosen SERTICA Maintenance and SERTICA Job App to oversee their maintenance operations.

Overview of warehouse machinery

With SERTICA Job App, it is possible to manage maintenance jobs through mobile devices on the go, reducing time in front of a computer. SKY-LIGHT can now benefit from an easy and efficient maintenance system with SERTICA. Read more about SERTICA Job App or try a demo online.

SKY-LIGHT is one of the leading companies in Europe within the development, design and manufacture of extruded plastic sheet and thermoformed plastic packaging. Read more on their website.

SERTICA is a complete system for asset management. SERTICA is a product of Logimatic – a Danish engineering and software company with solid global experience in development, sales, implementation and support of in-house developed software and automation solutions. Read more about SERTICA and Logimatic or follow us on LinkedIn.