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07.05.2024 - News

RINA launches SERTICA Fleet – a new integrated KPI system 

Introducing SERTICA Fleet enhances the SERTICA ecosystem by facilitating seamless monitoring of KPIs across diverse systems. This effectively dismantles the silos created by disparate software and provides a comprehensive overview of your fleet’s status and KPIs. 

Display KPIs from all RINA and SERTICA applications on a single platform, enabling communication with different internal stakeholders and sharing tailored KPIs with various users. In SERTICA Fleet, it is even possible to add KPIs from non-RINA applications to get a full overview. Examples of applications include: 

  • Class Platforms  
  • Electronic Logbooks  
  • Fleet Management Systems  
  • Planned Maintenance Systems 
  • Financial Tools  
  • Noon Reporting  
  • Performance Tools  
  • Crewing Tools 

The new product provides instant access to critical alerts and tailored KPIs, empowering shipping companies to make smarter choices and use alerts cleverly. 

Lars Riisberg, RINA Digital Solutions Executive Vice President, commented, “We are excited to introduce SERTICA Fleet, a transformative advancement in the way shipping companies monitor and utilize KPIs. This new system not only breaks down the barriers between different software solutions but also harmonizes data across the entire fleet, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency. With SERTICA Fleet, users gain a holistic view of their operations, enabling them to respond swiftly and intelligently to dynamic market conditions. It is about making smart, data-driven decisions easier and more accessible for every stakeholder in the maritime industry.” 

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