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16.08.2016 - News

Raising the stakes on maritime performance

Danish software company sets out to help maritime companies facilitate growth in stormy waters.

Infograhic, Boost Vessel Performance with SERTICA

The maritime industry is changing. Emerging technologies, increased regulation and CO2 concerns are pressuring ship owners, operators and technical managers. One can no longer afford to ignore performance. But what exactly drives performance and how to improve it?

From best practice to new practice

Focus on fuel consumption has long been a focus area for the maritime business. But each ship is different, and specifics such as hull form and machinery are key parameters in determining the potential for fuel saving and performance optimising. This is where SERTICA Performance comes in; an area of the SERTICA fleet management system that monitors and analyses all the factors affecting the performance of any type of vessel or fleet. And, as a result: reduces Total Cost of Ownership.

“Managing performance is much more than reducing fuel consumption”, says Allan H. Rasmussen from Logimatic, the Danish company behind SERTICA, and continues: “Forget about best practice; companies need to be one step ahead and act on leading indicators – an approach that we call ‘new practice’ and that we believe makes SERTICA the best solution on the market. Not just with regard to performance management, but also risk management, cost reduction, workflow optimisation etc.”

Flexibility is key

SERTICA is based on a holistic approach to fleet management. It provides tailored modules to handle data input and the synchronization of data between fleet and company office. Graphs presented in user-friendly dashboards indicate which trends to act upon. “The visibility of data enables the company to be proactive and improve performance”, says Allan H. Rasmussen. Consisting of modules that work across an entire fleet, the system is flexible and can be tailored to meet the individual company’s needs. “No companies are the same, and it is imperative that we adjust each solution to match each client’s KPI’s”, says Allan H. Rasmussen.

A business partner

One thing is software and data, but they don’t do the job alone. Maritime companies need more in order to adapt to changing conditions and stay competitive. According to Allan H. Rasmussen from Logimatic, SERTICA is exactly that something more. “Tailoring each solution for each client, we create the optimum conditions for equipping them for the future and boosting performance”, he says and continues: “The right service makes all the difference in the world. That’s why we consider ourselves a business partner as much as a software supplier”.