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23.04.2024 - News

Pantheon Tankers Management and Alpha Gas adopt RINA’s SERTICA digital logbooks

Pantheon Tankers Management and Alpha Gas will install RINA’s SERTICA digital logbooks to ensure smarter and more efficient digital logkeeping across their fleets.

Digital logbooks mark a significant advancement over their paper predecessors. They not only reduce the burden on the crew of manual entry but also ensure greater accuracy and integrity of data. This transition is crucial in an industry where the accuracy of log entries is fundamental for compliance with international regulations and for operational analysis.

The move of Pantheon Tankers Management and Alpha Gas aligns with the group’s strategy to embrace digitalization. By leveraging an array of digital tools and platforms across operations, the group aims at enhancing operational efficiency while bolstering the support for vessels and departments.

Michalis Kontaratos, Financial Advisor & Corporate Strategy for Pantheon Tankers Management and Alpha Gas said, “The shift towards electronic logbooks was initiated by our proactive internal processes aimed at enhancing operational efficiencies.  SERTICA provides the flexibility to select specific logbooks and ensures seamless onboard integration with an easy installation process. Its user-friendly interface greatly benefits both our crew and office staff.”

Lars Riisberg, RINA Digital Solutions Executive Vice President, commented, “SERTICA Logbook not only mitigates the risks of human error but also enhances the strategic decision-making process through actionable insights derived from data analytics. It is also a versatile tool. SERTICA Oil Record Book (ORB), for example, can adapt to each vessel’s unique characteristics”.

The partnership between Pantheon Tankers Management and Alpha Gas and RINA includes a major focus on training to ensure a seamless integration and an effective use of digital logbooks across the fleet.

Kontaratos concluded, “Our goal is to ensure that all team members are proficient and comfortable with the new digital logbook system, enabling us to leverage this technology to its fullest potential.”

Pantheon Tankers Management owns a versatile fleet of 39 crude oil and product tankers, including 9 VLCCs, 9 Suezmaxes, 7 Aframaxes, and 14 MR tankers, demonstrating operational excellence and market adaptability. Alpha Gas, specializing in LNG vessel management, operates a fleet of 8 LNG ships. &