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Sertica user-group

03 April 2015

  It has been nearly 6 months since we last met to share knowledge and it is now time to evaluate the ideas and plans from our last meeting.   ...

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AAA-credit rating for Logimatic Solutions

10 March 2015

  An AAA-rating is an expression of ”… a company with an excellent ability to meet current payment obligations.”   The AAA-rating, which ...

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Incineration plants with Sertica

03 March 2015

  Sertica has for about a year been succesfully used in an environmentally friendly power plant owened by Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor...

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Operational Excellence at Nordic Tankers

25 February 2015

  In 2005 they therefore decided to establish their own in-house technical department to manage the fleet of 50 highly sophisticated chemical tanke...

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NEW - ShipServ Integration

16 February 2015

  Sertica Procurement is a full featured procurement solution for purchasing departments with focus on speed, stability, usability and efficiency. ...

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Efficient maintenance routes

02 February 2015

  The Sertica Job Relations module streamlines the maintenance department by creating routes for the different maintenance jobs in Sertica.   ...

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Silkeborg Forsyning to implement Sertica

16 January 2015

Sertica is a part of a strategic decision to increase the cooperation between the divisions and thereby optimize the costs for maintenance and p...

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A faster and better overview

15 December 2014

As an example, the module has a customizable workflow for requesting and approving changes to documents for companies with multiple offices or vesse...

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The mobility of Sertica

23 October 2014

  The basic users can now benefit from Sertica in their work without having to open Sertica on their PC at all. Whether the user needs to manage an...

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Invoice Management in Sertica

14 October 2014

With the Invoice Management Module, Sertica will automatically match the details of the incoming invoice to the existing purchase order in Serti...

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Can you afford to rely on multiple systems?

06 October 2014

The Sertica software solution covers many of the needs in ONE fleet management solution. Sertica has developed highly usable functionality for procu...

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Logimatic - A Growth Comet

30 September 2014

Logimatic Solutions is a part of the Logimatic Group, which offers software and automation solutions worldwide. At Logimatic it is a mission to deli...

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Sertica Module Overview

25 September 2014

  With Sertica you choose which modules you need - with the opportunity to select more if it becomes necessary. To provide you with a better ov...

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Increase mobility with the Joblist App

18 September 2014

Instead of taking notes through the entire day and then re-entering them to report on your maintenance jobs, you can now access and manage your jo...

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Create manning budget and statistics on absence

16 September 2014

The Timesheet module has been expanded with a new add-on, which enables you to make manning budgets and receive statistics on absence for analytical p...

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Sertica User-group meeting

01 September 2014

At the meeting we will discuss the future plans for Sertica. By gaining an in-depth understanding of your use of Sertica, we hope to be able to cust...

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Inspection Module – now on all iOS devices

25 August 2014

  The module provides you the opportunity of planning inspections in Sertica and then carrying out the inspections offline using the iOS device. Th...

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Danish Maritime Days

21 August 2014

We supply energy saving technology as well as IT-solutions that reduce the administrative workload and improve the overview of the fleet. Experie...

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Meet Logimatic at SMM 2014

31 July 2014

As an example we will present the new solution for Invoice Management, which reduces manual handling in the procurement process by up to 80 %. ...

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NEW MODULE - Sertica Management Systems

24 June 2014

It is often needed to keep system manuals for Quality and Safety Management Systems updated. With Sertica Management Systems the entire crew and p...

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Update your exchange rates

13 June 2014

The Sertica exchange rate interface allows you to import exchange rates from the European Central Bank via XML. The XML-file can be directly uploade...

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NEW - Sertica Business Case Feature

29 April 2014

The primary purpose of a business case is to find and present information, which can establish a good basis for decisions in relation to the initiat...

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Renosyd to expand the use of Sertica

24 February 2014

Renosyd manages waste collection in two Danish municipalities and focusses on treatment and disposal activities to make value of the waste that they...

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Danish competences for Ultragas

11 February 2014

In 2012 Ultragas was founded by the global Ultranav Group with the primary purpose of handling and expanding the group’s fleet of gas tankers. Wi...

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HS Schiffahrt chooses Sertica

31 January 2014

HS Schiffahrt is implementing Sertica Maintenance and Sertica Procurement as well as the inspection module in the first quarter of 2014. The system ...

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A new and efficient type of support

02 January 2014

The videos show the most important features of Sertica and help the user find solutions to the most used features. The current areas covered by the ...

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New case: Clipper

06 December 2013

To Clipper it was of utmost importance that the new fleet management system had to come from a company, who put the customer first an...

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Sertica Maritime User Conference 2014

03 December 2013

The purpose of the conference is to enhance the knowledge and development of fleet management, procurement and maintenance. This happens through net...

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Logimatic is sponsor at the IMPA Garden Party

31 August 2011

This years IMPA Exhibition and Conference will bring some of the worlds leading ship owners and managers as well as a wide variety of marine purch...

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