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19.03.2018 - News

Martech Systems assist Svitzer in harmonising maintenance data in SERTICA to enable smarter procurement strategies

Svitzer has contracted Logimatic’s implementation partner, Martech Systems, to convert SERTICA from a Planned Maintenance System to a Technical Management System to harmonize maintenance across all vessels and enable better benchmarking.

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Linking spare parts to maintenance jobs will enable forecasting that in turn allows for smarter procurement strategies with the forecasting of spare part consumption. The harmonisation of data in SERTICA will allow Svitzer to manage the vessels in accordance with the asset management principal.

Svitzer’s Technical Management System will incorporate the combination of the Management Systems and Jobtext Management modules of SERTICA. It will also allow the creation and maintenance of all technical guidelines used as detailed information for jobs assigned within SERTICA.

Thomas Bangslund, Group head of innovation at Svitzer says, “We will benefit enormously with a central data library of all maintenance procedures in one location. This gives us the flexibility to change the procedures and parameters on several vessels at once. Also, we no longer need to build new maintenance data from scratch when we add new vessels to our fleet. We can easily track breakdowns and prevent the reoccurrence of defects through the intelligence gained through the central database.”

Pravin Rai, General Manager at Martech Systems adds, “Not only will the main office at Svitzer benefit from this harmonisation of maintenance data. The individual vessels will get easy access to the information and technical parameters required to carry out maintenance. This means that vessels can perform tasks even if the manuals are not available for a particular machinery. By the end of the day, the result is a better task performance and fewer errors on board the vessels.”

About Svitzer
Since 1833, Svitzer has provided safety and support at sea. With 4,000 employees, a fleet of 430 vessels and operations all over the world, Svitzer is the global market leader within towage and emergency response.

About Martech Systems
Martech Systems specialise in handling data and software solutions implementation for sporadic, non-core, or specialist projects in the maritime and offshore industries. Their team consists of marine, mechanical and software engineers, who have vast experience in data and software solutions.

About Logimatic
Logimatic is the company behind SERTICA. It is an international engineering and software company with more than 30 years of experience in the maritime industry. SERTICA was developed by experts in close collaboration with maritime customers worldwide. Follow Logimatic on LinkedIn and SERTICA on Facebook.