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19.11.2020 - News

Logimatic makes the SERTICA Vessel Management Software even more accessible in the LATAM region with the launch of new Spanish website

Photo of a man standing next to a computer with the Spanish SERTICA website

Due to recent expansion of business to the Latin American region, Danish Logimatic has now launched their SERTICA website in Spanish. The hope being that it will facilitate more great collaborations internationally and cross-culturally.

Logimatic has recently extended its business to the LATAM region, starting off in Chile in 2013, and has been gradually growing its reputation since. Now Logimatic collaborates with businesses all over the region from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, to Mexico.

Pablo Grez, Regional Manager in LATAM at Logimatic tells, “Despite the global pandemic, Logimatic has increased its presence by 27% in Latin America in 2020 and we currently have 4 new clients in the implementation process. The new website in Spanish further enhances our presence in the region.”

Julie Østerberg Jakobsen, Head of Marketing and Communications at Logimatic continues, “Our focused marketing strategy in the LATAM region is starting to pay off as we are contacted by a higher number of shipping companies from this area and have several contracts on the table. It just shows that understanding the culture, communicating in the local language and that a presence both physically and digitally in the region is key.”

Hans Christian Jensen, Head of Sales at Logimatic adds, “At the surface shipping companies may look alike, but in my experience each company still do something special. This can be in relation to accounting, approval flows, organizational role and responsibility landscape, vessel operation or legal line of business depending on company structure and size. On top of this, you can add the differences in culture and unique competitive position in the market. SERTICA fits into all this no matter if we are implementing a customer in Europe, Asia or LATAM.”

With the launch of the new Spanish website, SERTICA has become more visible and accessible for future customers in the LATAM region.