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19.12.2017 - News

Danske Færger A/S extends its product suite with SERTICA Procurement

Danske Færger A/S, a long-standing customer of Logimatic, is adding SERTICA Procurement within its Fleet Management System.

Danske Færger A/S has been using SERTICA Maintenance for their ferries in Denmark for several years. Unlike most other shipping companies, they have been operating SERTICA without a central HQ controlling the ferries. This has been possible due to the company structure along with very experienced crew, who have been able to manage maintenance in an efficient manner. Due to re-structuring, they now wish to include SERTICA Procurement to ensure an optimised and centralised management of procurement.

Ole Nielsen, Purchasing- & Insurance Manager at Danske Færger A/S says, “We are investing in SERTICA Procurement with an interface to our financial system NAVISION. For us, it makes sense to implement SERTICA Procurement as SERTICA is already onboard the vessels and our crew know the system. By extending the product suite, we optimise and simplify the processes for both maintenance and procurement, which we believe will create a good synergy and in the end, result in cost-efficient management of our ferries.”

Hans C. Jensen, Head of Sales at Logimatic agrees and adds, “Danske Færger A/S has been a valued customer for many years. They are already accustomed to using the SERTICA system. Therefore, it is the logical and wise choice for them to implement SERTICA Procurement now. In addition, we will host SERTICA which will save Danske Færger A/S time and money on internal IT.”

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About Danske Færger A/S
Danske Færger A/S operates 7 ferry routes transporting over 4 million passengers a year with 13 ferries. They have been operating the Danish ferry connections since 1866 from their headquarters in Rønne. Read more about Danske Færger A/S and follow them on LinkedIn.  

About Logimatic
Logimatic is the company behind SERTICA. It is an international engineering and software company with more than 30 years of experience in the maritime industry. SERTICA was developed by experts in close collaboration with maritime customers worldwide. Read more about SERTICA and Logimatic. Follow Logimatic on LinkedIn and SERTICA on Facebook.