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05.10.2017 - News

Danfoss and Molslinjen saves time and money with SERTICA Cloud solution for easy maintenance

Logimatic has extended its services for SERTICA software solutions by offering hosting services.


With SERTICA Cloud, customers can now get all the benefits of using SERTICA without the hassle of dealing with IT related issues. SERTICA IT experts provide everything from system installation to configuration to make sure SERTICA is up and running for customers to use.

Many SERTICA customers have already chosen hosting services with Logimatic for easy maintenance. Jan Hauberg Jørgensen, Marine Engineer at Molslinjen says “The main reason for choosing a hosted solution is that we no longer use servers in our company. All of our IT is hosted. We were, therefore, looking for a hosted fleet management solution so that we only need to be in contact with the supplier and not the hosting company. In other words, a more simple solution for us.”

Simplicity is key when companies are dealing with IT.  Hans Chr. Jensen, Head of Sales at Logimatic, says “We see a trend to outsource IT both with our land-based and Maritime customers. Our customers prefer a simple system solving as many problems as possible. The fact that we offer hosting is very much in line with the demand and trends we see in today’s market.”

Martin Brander, Head of Department at Danfoss also believes hosting to be a simple and easy solution for maintenance. “We chose hosting because it makes the administration of SERTICA easier. We don’t have to bother with system upgrades or surveillance anymore. All this is handled by Logimatic,” says Martin.

Many customers see it as a great annoyance if their systems are not working due to server errors, missing upgrades, etc. Henrik Nygaard, Development Manager at Logimatic states, “We understand how important reliability is to our customers. That is why we now offer a hosted solution, so our customers no longer need to worry about servers, installations and configurations. Our customers have access to data in real-time whenever they need it.”

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