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07.03.2024 - News

Connect your sensors and data collectors to SERTICA Logbook

By collecting data directly from ship systems into your SERTICA, you can automatically and digitally record data related to oil record book, garbage, ballast, cargo, deck, engine, port calls, and other operational activities.   

This integration enables efficient and accurate data retrieval, providing you with comprehensive insights into your operations while making data collection and management easier than ever before. 

While automation takes the lead, human oversight remains paramount. You retain the ability to verify and ensure the accuracy of reported values.

Visualize logbook KPIs in Power BI 

To achieve the perfect overview of your logbook data, we offer the integration of digital logbooks with the data visualization capabilities of Power BI. This powerful combination allows you to gain valuable insights into your vessel’s performance and operational efficiency. 

Here are some examples of logbook KPIs you can monitor in Power BI: 

  • Sludge generated vs. Fuel Consumed
  • Bilge generated vs. Steaming Time
  • Bilge, Sludge, and Water KPIs
  • Bilge and Sludge Generated vs. Master/Ch.Eng Embarked
  • OWS (Oil Water Separator) and Incinerator Performance
  • Position of Operations 

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