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28.01.2019 - News

Compagnie Maritime Nantaise will be the first maritime customer using SERTICA in French

The French shipping company, Compagnie Maritime Nantaise, initiates the process of implementing SERTICA for Maintenance, Procurement and HSQE.

Maritime Nantaise ship at sea using SERTICA maintenance system

As of today, the first vessel has been converted to SERTICA. Compagnie Maritime Nantaise is implementing SERTICA Fleet Management for 7 vessels operating from Nantes and for 6 passenger vessels operating from Brest. The company mainly involves in the business of industrial and specialized sea transportation. They are shipping ESA Ariane launcher components between Europe and French Guiana, and from 2009, this activity included transportation of Soyuz components from Russia to French Guiana. They also do specialized transport for the French Ministry of Defense.

Hans Chr. Jensen, Head of Sales at Logimatic tells, “Even though I have been in this business for more than 18 years, I still meet shipping companies dealing with some very interesting and different projects. I am honored with the fact that Compagnie Maritime Nantaise considers SERTICA to be the best match among 12 selected suppliers – especially since SERTICA is not that known in France. I am confident that this contract will change that and strengthen our visibility in the French shipping industry.”

Emmanuel Lefeuvre, Technical Manager at Compagnie Maritime Nantaise says, “Up until now we have been using a Maintenance & Purchase system, but as we need a Fleet Management system, it makes sense to invest in a system with more functionality. We are especially interested in the various modules related to Dry Dock, HSQE and Data Management offered by the SERTICA solution. Moreover, the Dashboard module will allow us to visualize our key numbers and KPIs.”

Compagnie Maritime Nantaise has set the goal to optimize Maintenance Management onboard the vessels and ashore using powerful and proactive software. This is also why it is necessary that SERTICA is translated to French, considering the two working languages (English or French) used by the crew.

Lars Riisberg, CEO at Logimatic says, “Most of our customers use the English version of SERTICA, but we also offer the system in Spanish, Swedish, Islandic and Chinese. When we initiated the dialogue with Compagnie Maritime Nantaise we soon realized that language was an issue. Therefore, we decided to translate SERTICA even before they signed the contract.”

Technical Manager and CEO shaking hands

Emmanuel Lefeuvre, Technical Manager at Compagnie Maritime Nantaise and Lars Riisberg, CEO at Logimatic closing the contract in October 2018

About Compagnie Maritime Nantaise – MN
The Company is based in Nantes, France. Since 2017 Compagnie Maritime Nantaise has been operated as a subsidiary of Sogestran Group, who is the largest privately-owned river shipping company in France with a fleet of more than 200 units. Compagnie Maritime Nantaise is an integrated shipping company, engaged in the design, construction, acquisition, management, and operation of vessels. The Company also provides technical services that include maintenance management of vessels.

About Logimatic
Logimatic is a Danish software and engineering company with more than 30 years of experience in the maritime industry. Logimatic is a leading global supplier of Fleet Management software ship owners and ship managers with more than 40 customers worldwide and more than 1200 active vessels running SERTICA for Planned Maintenance, Procurement and Safety Management.