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14.06.2018 - News

Amminex is integrating SERTICA Maintenance

Amminex, a company specialised in NOx-reducing technologies, have chosen SERTICA for the daily maintenance of their equipment. SERTICA will function as documentation- and technical library to easily retrieve information.

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The vision at Amminex is “A clean world driven by clean engines.” Their inventions and innovative technology provide cost efficient emissions technologies globally for diesel driven applications to enable superior and transparent DeNOx performance in real world operation.

At present time, Amminex are initiating the implementation of SERTICA Maintenance in the company. Amminex is working with a special technology- and equipment, which intends to reduce NOx from diesel vehicles. Flemming Petersen, Maintenance Manager at Amminex says, “We plan to use SERTICA for daily maintenance of this equipment, but also largely as documentation- and technical library so that we have access to information. And with SERTICA I am sure we will have a future-proof maintenance solution that makes the work more manageable.”

Hans Chr. Jensen, Head of Sales at Logimatic states, “SERTICA Maintenance System will optimise and structure the maintenance activities at Amminex. Due to the wide range of features that SERTICA provides, Amminex will be able to easily retrieve the needed information to optimise maintenance. As a result, the service life of their equipment and properties will be extended.”

About Amminex
Amminex Emissions Technology was founded in 2005 based on fundamental research carried out by a group of scientists at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Since it was founded, Amminex has experienced fast growth having changed from a smaller research-based company to a commercially mature company with all relevant business partners in place to meet customer expectations. The technology has been validated on a variety of diesel vehicle types including busses, light commercial vehicles and passenger cars. This has proven the reliability and operational performance of the technology and its ability to nearly eliminate NOx emissions from diesel vehicles regardless of driving conditions and climate.

About Logimatic
Logimatic is an international engineering and software company with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. SERTICA is an Industrial Maintenance System developed by Logimatic to provide Planned Maintenance to the Industrial sector.