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15.09.2016 - News

A new collaboration makes performance optimisation easier for ship-owners

The new collaboration between software supplier Logimatic and research and development company FORCE Technology has resulted in a multifunctional software system capable of providing big results for mariners.

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Last year Logimatic launched ’SERTICA Performance’ as a part of the software system ‘SERTICA Fleet Management’. ‘SERTICA Performance’ monitors and analyses the elements affecting a vessel’s fuel consumption.

The collaboration with FORCE Technology consists of an integration between the performance optimisation system ’SeaTrend’ and ‘Sertica Performance’. This allows the users to fully benefit from ’SERTICA Performance’, as they will be able to monitor and analyse external factors influencing the vessel’s operation and efficiency like weather conditions, water depth and wind power.

”The collaboration with FORCE Technology is an ideal opportunity to offer our customers an extra functionality to their performance calculations. I am convinced that this collaboration will benefit all parties,” says Allan Rasmussen, senior consultant, Logimatic.

Automatic performance monitoring

Even though fuel consumption has always been a focal point for the industry, they need to take into account that all vessels are different; meaning that hull and machinery make out critical parameters when identifying potential fuel savings and optimised performance ability. This is why the collaboration between ‘SERTICA Performance’ and ‘SeaTrend’ is ideal – the users have access to a system that monitors and analyses everything influencing the performance of the vessel.

The ability to connect e.g. increased fuel consumption or deteriorated performance with maintenance data is unique for this business. The customer is able to define which key performance indicators should be monitored by adding them to SERTICA’s dynamic dashboard from where the correlation to the results from ’SeaTrend’ are analysed.

Ship owners, charter parties and shipping companies are thereby able to optimise their fuel consumption as well as their daily operation on board the vessels. The daily fuel monitoring of the entire vessel provides an overview of each engine’s fuel consumption enabling the operator to act on any abnormalities.

”It is all about creating awareness towards the vessel’s energy consumption enabling the users to avoid unnecessary costs and CO2 emissions,” explains Søren Hattel, Team Leader, FORCE Technology.

Small change – big results

‘SERTICAPerformance’ users can purchase the ‘SeaTrend’ functionalities by contacting Logimatic. The system works as a plug and play solution, in which the users don’t have to do anything else than act on the daily analysis they receive.

”Both ‘SERTICAPerformance’ and ’SeaTrend’ are acknowledged amongst the industry – which is why it is a pleasure to be able to offer them as a complete package”, concludes Mikkel Tolstrup, Sales Manager, FORCE Technology.

Logimatic is the software company behind SERTICA. We have more than 30 years experience within sales, implementation and support of in-house software solutions. SERTICA is a software solution for maintenance, performance, procurement and HSQE. The solution offers optimisation of costs, improved communication, reduced manual processes and increased availability of information.  Our comprehensive experience has been established through countless implementations of software solutions throughout the world. This has equipped us with unique knowledge and makes us more than just a software supplier.

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FORCE Technology is the company behind SeaTrend.  We have more than 50 years experience with hydro- and aerodynamic engineering and are acknowledged as one of the world’s leading test centres within hydro- and aerodynamics as well as marine simulations. Our skilled employees use our highly technical facilities and numerical simulations to solve even the most complex maritime assignment.

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