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02.04.2019 - News

A higher focus on data means that Planned Maintenance is included in a newbuilding from Austal Ships

The Australian shipbuilder Austal Ships Pty Ltd. is implementing SERTICA maintenance to structure and optimize maintenance activities onboard the new construction.

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The new construction is a 109-meter high-speed vehicle passenger ferry for Fjord Line. The all-aluminum catamaran ferry designed by Australian Austral Ships will be the 8th largest high-speed commercial ferry (over 100 m in length) to be built by the company. The ferry will transport 1.200 passengers at up to 40 knots and features the company’s largest ever vehicle-carrying capacity; with a beam of 30.5 meter enabling 404 cars to be carried across two decks.

The new vessel encompasses several key design innovations that enhance operating performance and passenger comfort. Among other innovative designs, an optimized hull form is included to minimize fuel consumption and wake wash, when operating on the Skagerrak Sea between Hirtshals, Denmark and Kristiansand, Norway.

Hans Chr. Jensen, Head of Sales at Logimatic tells. “We are pleased to see that the famous “Bloody-Hell-factor” (Bloody hell, we forgot about the planned maintenance system) is a term of the past. The shipping companies have higher and higher focus on data, information consistency, processes and the vessels being able to get faster integrated into the existing fleet. SERTICA is a part of how they think. Of course, this should be a natural part doing newbuildings as well.”

Fjord Line is including the data set-up in the existing SERTICA Fleet Management solution, which makes implementation relatively easy.

Morten Larsen, Director of Projects at Fjord Line, tells “Since we started our partnership with Logimatic back in 2012, we have a tool not only to reduce our overall technical maintenance costs of the fleet, but also to control our dockings, spares and purchasing through both fleet management and onboard the vessels. We look forward to starting up another vessel with SERTICA as one of our main suppliers.”

The vessel is planned to be delivered February 2020 and to be put into operation April 2020.

About Fjord Line
Fjord Line was founded in 1993. With a 20% market share we are Norway’s second largest shipping company in international passengers’​ traffic and freight transportation between Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Fjord Line has four ships operating five routes between Norway, Sweden and Denmark. In addition to passenger traffic, Fjord Line also transport commercial vehicles and goods and freight.

About Logimatic 
Logimatic is the company behind SERTICA. With more than 100 employees, Logimatic has more than 30 years of global experience in development and implementation of Fleet Management software. Professional support is provided to customers all over the world from offices in Denmark and Singapore. The solutions are niche products with a central focus on always increasing our customers’ competitiveness with optimized maintenance.