Supplier Qualifications

The Supplier Qualification module enables purchasers to enter information about suppliers in SERTICA. Examples of such information includes prior negotiations and evaluations, quotes, orders and delivery process evaluations. This allows and supports supplier classification. It is possible to generate reminders automatically if a delivery is not received on time.

Based on the supplier classification, you can easily see which supplier is best. You can use the information entered in SERTICA in negotiation situations, since you can easily show the suppliers previous performance.

The module gives you the perfect overview of all your suppliers and their performance.

Key Features

  • Enter supplier categorization information in SERTICA
  • Measure suppliers on prior quotes, orders and deliveries
  • Choose a supplier based on prior performance
  • Evaluate and compare your suppliers
  • Automatic reminder if a delivery is late


  • Perfect overview of the best suppliers
  • Obtain better prices from your suppliers
  • Use of only the best suppliers through supplier qualification
  • Save costs


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