Prevent and minimize risks with control measures

The Risk Assessment module helps shipowners guarantee the health and safety of the crew on board their ships. Risk Assessment is a systematic way of minimizing risks by preventing them with control measures.

Register the risks involved with a job in SERTICA to ensure the safety of your crew. SERTICA gives you a risk index based on the severity and the probability of a risk. The risk matrix shows low, medium and high-risk jobs and determines the ways to mitigate the risks. Through preventive actions and required approval for high-risk jobs, you can minimize the risks involved in future jobs.

SERTICA gives you the safest way of doing a job by showing you the best working methods. SERTICA lets you identify the risks associated with each individual task and duty and can also be used for event reporting.

The Risk Assessment module only works in combination with the Forms module.

Key features

  • Risk assessment is an integrated part of the job process
  • Approval flows are a requirement for jobs with high risk
  • Risk assessment templates for different types of tasks


  • Minimize risks with risk assessment
  • Better safety for your crew
  • Easy access to the history of tasks

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