SERTICA Radio Record Book is tailored for maritime vessels, enabling seamless and efficient logging of radio communications in alignment with the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) framework.

The digital radio book ensures that all radio transmissions, whether they are distress signals, safety messages, or general communications, are recorded accurately and stored in SERTICA.
Such digitization not only solidifies regulatory compliance but also alleviates the administrative burdens on the crew. Avoiding paper and manual processes improves the user’s data recording process and reduces errors.

In addition, SERTICA Radio Record Book provides automatic reminders, which can be used in relation to maintenance of radio equipment, certificate expiration or operational testing. The ship’s captain can manage access levels to the Radio Record Book onboard, based on the Radio Operator’s certification.

Key Features

  • Accurate logging of all radio messages: distress, urgency, safety,  faliures, or routine
  • Automated reminders for upcoming operational testing, certificate expirations and mandatory checks
  • Management of access level based on the radio operator’s certification


  • Streamline radio communication logging process
  • Ensure transparency and traceability in radio communication records
  • Eco-friendly operation by eliminating paper logs
  • Assured compliance with global maritime guidelines, including GMDSS

The SERTICA Logbook function as a stand-alone system.   

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