Make it easy for everyone to request jobs in the maintenance depatment

The module Job Request makes it easy to request the maintenance department to create a task –  even if you are not a daily user of SERTICA. The module is web-based and is accessible from your computer, tablet or mobile. The easy access enables you to quickly send requests to the maintenance department. It is possible to integrate the module with your existing intranet, which means that you can create job request directly from the intranet.

When a job request is created, it is possible to forward the request to a user or a user group in SERTICA. To make it easier for the receiver, it is also possible to associate the request with an existing component from the tree structure.

It is always the maintenance department who decides if a job request should be created as a job in SERTICA. Sometimes the request only needs an answer or to be forwarded. The status of the request is updated live in the web-based Job Request module.

Secure data on jobs and history

With job requests you secure important data such as unforeseen jobs, extra jobs and ad hoc tasks. Use the job history to optimize future maintenance routines and to decrease downtime. The module does not demand SERTICA to be installed on your device – it works from any web-browser.

Key Features:

  • Send job request from a web-browser
  • See status on job requests
  • Easy conversion of job request to a job in SERTICA
  • Send messages related to a job request internally in the organization
  • Prioritize maintenance jobs
  • Attach documentation
  • Forward and distribute tasks
  • Integrate with existing intranet


  • Everyone can send maintenance requests and issues are solved faster
  • Mobility and flexibility through mobile devices
  • Important jobs get prioritized
  • History and knowledge in SERTICA
  • Overview over tasks across the organization
  • Better control of tasks outside the maintenance department
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