Forms App

The Forms App allows you to create, fill in and submit forms via your mobile device. This means that you no longer need to use Word or Excel. It is possible to design the layout completely in SERTICA, based on a user-defined sequence of input fields, each with different types and properties. This allows you to create e.g. checklists to be filled in from a mobile device. The Forms app integrates the PC version of SERTICA Forms with your mobile devices.

From the app, the user can browse the hierarchy of form templates, fill in a form based on a template, and send it to SERTICA once approved or ready for approval. With the Forms App you make sure that the templates are always available regardless your location. Not all SERTICA users enter the system every day because they typically are on the move. In the Forms App, you can access and manage forms easily no matter where you are located. 

The Forms App can be used offline and provides the possibility to synchronize the contents with SERTICA, once the user is online. 

Reduce the administrative time needed in front of a computer by having only your own forms available from your mobile device. 

Key features:

  • Create new forms on the run
  • Customize your own templates and use it directly in the app
  • Paperless handling of all forms
  • Access to previous and declined forms
  • Upload directly to SERTICA


  • You only see your own forms in the app
  • Increase efficiency
  • Eliminate paper
  • Easy and manageable overview of current and finished forms



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