Defect Reporting

The Defect Reporting module identifies unplanned maintenance jobs discovered on board the vessel. When a defect is detected on a component, the information is reported and registered in SERTICA as a “defect job”. Once the information is in SERTICA, the job appears on the task list and you can easily measure and follow up on defect reporting separately.

A defect job follows a specific workflow that allows it to be linked to a service order or a requisition. This means that necessary spare parts to complete the job or requirement for external service or manpower will be visible to procurement and the current job status is visible to everyone. Both the vessel and office can track the job status and extract reports in the Analytics module.

Key Features

  • Report defect jobs
  • Categorize defect jobs
  • Follow up on defects
  • Run statistics on defects and compare vessels
  • Attach defects to procurement
  • Use a specific workflow for defects


  • Save time with easy follow-up on defects
  • All information is stored in SERTICA


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