Central construction and control of equipment

Central Data Management facilitates central construction and control of equipment across the entire fleet using the embedded data package system. This means that information about the same equipment used on different vessels is shared and stored centrally. The module allows storing and transferring important asset details such as work history, scheduled jobs, spare parts, calibrations, specifications, reports, and documents. By sharing these details, it is possible to optimize maintenance and reduce downtime.

Uniform data across your fleet

Data can be constructed to ensure uniform implementation across the fleet, which provides easy commissioning, data management, and reporting across the entire fleet. Furthermore, data can be sorted and listed to show specific assets and operational status.

Key Features

  • Integrate information
  • Create and maintain consistent master data
  • Centrally control master data across the entire fleet
  • Transfer important asset details between vessels
  • Move components and stock between units


  • Full overview of fleet assets
  • Single version of the truth with all data in one place
  • Cost and operational efficiencies
  • Maximized economic value of each vessel
  • Optimised maintenance
  • Reduced downtime
  • Easy central data management
For further information about our modules, please contact me.

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For further information about our modules, please contact me.

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