The Approval app shows what needs your approval on your mobile device. This could be approval of purchase orders, invoices, jobs and event postponements or forms. You can also view reports, forms, and invoice documents when considering requests.

Easy approval flow without entering SERTICA

If you are not a frequent SERTICA user, the app saves you a lot of time because you do not need to open your computer and start SERTICA for each approval. One simple list gives you the perfect overview of what you need to do. You can even receive a push-message when your approval is needed.

Not all SERTICA users enter the system every day – simply because they do not need to work in the system on a regular basis, or because they typically are on the move. In the Approval app, you can complete your approvals in a heartbeat – no matter where you are located. This means that the person, who needs the approval, gets it much faster. User rights managed in SERTICA control the people allowed to do approvals.

An app covering selected maintenance, procurement and safety processes

The app includes many smart features, including filtering or making searches in your approval list. If you choose to decline something, you can write a small comment as an explanation. Furthermore, all of your approvals are logged, so you and others can see what you have read, approved and declined. You can synchronize the Approval app with SERTICA when you have online connection.

The app covers selected maintenance, procurement and safety processes, which makes it much more than just an app – it is a simplification of processes.

Key Features:

  • Approve purchase orders and invoices
  • Approve forms, jobs and event postponements
  • Access to reports, forms, and invoice documents
  • Filter and search in your approval list


  • Reject or approve on the move
  • Speed up the approval process
  • Simplification of internal processes

Get the Approval app

Download the Approval app in App Store or Google Play.

The Approval App module is often combined with Invoice Management.

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