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26 November 2019

Presence in Greece strengthens as Attica Group chooses the Fleet Management System SERTICA.

Attica Group, in the framework of its digital transformation, is implementing SERTICA Fleet Management System to ensure reliable vessel operations and high-quality ship management....

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12 November 2019

Logimatic supports Shipdex data in SERTICA

To improve the data quality in SERTICA, Logimatic has developed a Shipdex functionality to support both shipowners and equipment suppliers. ...

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19 September 2019

Logimatic signs contract for SERTICA with Oktan Energy

The Polish shipping company, Oktan Energy & V/L Service has signed contract with Logimatic to deliver the technical Fleet Management System SERTICA....

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27 August 2019

Logimatic releases new SERTICA App which combines Jobs and Forms.

Logimatic releases a new SERTICA app, which means that the users only need one app to manage jobs and forms. At the same time, the app is improved both visually and in terms of user experience to increase the user-friendliness. ...

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