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19 March 2018

Martech Systems assist Svitzer in harmonising maintenance data in SERTICA to enable smarter procurement strategies.

Svitzer has contracted Logimatic’s implementation partner, Martech Systems, to convert SERTICA from a Planned Maintenance System to a Technical Management System to harmonize maintenance across all vessels and enable better benchmarking....

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31 January 2018



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12 January 2018

Logimatic is taking an active role in ECOPRODIGI

Logimatic participates in the EU project ECOPRODIGI “Eco-efficiency to maritime industry pro-cesses in the Baltic Sea Region through digitalization.”...

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19 December 2017

Danske Færger A/S extends its product suite with SERTICA Procurement

Danske Færger A/S, a long-standing customer of Logimatic, is adding SERTICA Procurement within its Fleet Management System. ...

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