The Journal module enables people working in the maintenance department to keep record of everything that happens during a shift. By registering observations in the production electronically, everyone is informed about what happened during the shift.

The Journal functions like a diary and you can for example register, if an alarm go off, the reconfiguration of a certain component, reduced operation, repairs, power outages or if the production had visitors. Power plants often register set point changes in the Journal. You can also add information to incidents and connect this to specific components or work schedules.

For many companies, it is a legal requirement to log observations and disruptions. To others, it is a matter of planning and understanding maintenance needs. It is possible to create new maintenance jobs based on an observation logged in the electronic journal. You also have the option of notifying others about what has happened or how to react.

The design of the Journal can be customized to fit your exact needs. This means that any information relevant can be logged and is visible to the entire company.

Key Features

  • Keep an electronic diary of what happens during a work shift
  • Register alarms, set point changes, visitors and much more
  • Create maintenance jobs based on incidents logged in the Electronic Journal


  • Overview of all observations and disruptions
  • Full integration with maintenance
  • Knowledge-sharing between employees
  • Visibility and traceability throughout the organization


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