Job App

The Job App offers the possibility of managing maintenance jobs through mobile devices. This reduces the administrative time needed in front of a computer.

The job list shown in the app is easily customized to individual needs. Jobs can be exported to your mobile device – resulting in a complete and at all times updated job list at hand.

The user can create jobs from scratch and use templates for standard jobs. It is possible to activate and finalize jobs from mobile devices. Each job has a short job description and includes details about the related component and latest feedback. Read documents from your mobile device and write a note when reporting on jobs. You can even register time, add consumed spare parts and attach photos.

The mobile device can help the user navigate to the component by use of GPS. QR codes and barcode scanning of SERTICA components and spare parts are supported to ensure an easy and quick stock update, when you pick a spare part to complete a job.

Internet is only necessary for synchronizing with SERTICA, so you can work in the app offline.

Key Features

  • Manage maintenance from your mobile device
  • Customize your job list
  • Create and finalize jobs
  • Update maintenance jobs real-time
  • Read documents or add additional information to a job
  • Add photos taken with your mobile device
  • Scan QR codes and register used spare parts


  • Reduced time in front of your computer
  • Less time spent on finding spare parts
  • Increased productivity
  • Complete and updated job list at all times


Buy the Job App in App Store or Google Play.


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