SERTICA is completed by a variety of high-performance apps so that you can use SERTICA from anywhere in the world. These apps are our Approval, Inspection, Stock and SERTICA app.

  • The Approval app shows what needs your approval on your mobile device. This could be approval of purchase orders, invoices, jobs and event postponements or forms. You can also view reports, forms, and invoice documents when considering requests.
  • The Inspection app integrates the PC version of SERTICA Inspections & Audits with your mobile devices. SERTICA can create a very flexible planning with the possibility of reusing jobs for future inspections and thereby minimizing the time spent on planning.
  • The Stock app is designed to overcome the ever-increasing requirements of control and documentation through mobile devices. Stock-control is performed easier than ever before, since you can do inventory and adjust the stock level on the move.
  • The SERTICA app offers the possibility of managing maintenance jobs and forms through your mobile devices.