SERTICA Maritime Conference 2021 offers two days of networking and the opportunity to socialise – as well as obtaining and sharing knowledge about SERTICA and industry trends.

Logimatic would like to invite you to the SERTICA Maritime Conference 2021.

The event takes place at sea on the luxurious DFDS cruise ferry, sailing between Copenhagen and Oslo.

During the cruise, you will benefit from the following: 

  • Hear about the latest and greatest in SERTICA
  • Keynote speakers
  • Discuss best practices and the value that our customers experience
  • Panel discussions on how SERTICA can improve your business
  • Future plans and Roadmap
  • Networking with other maritime organisations using SERTICA

You will also enjoy lovely meals, scenic views, social relations with colleagues and an event in Oslo.

To sign up to this event, please contact Julie Østerberg Jakobsen (