In this class you will learn about: Components and its References, create Jobs, Job List, Job History, Defect Jobs, Counters and manage Warehouse and Stock.


SERTICA Planned Maintenance (Part I)

This course is relevant for both the crew onboard as well SERTICA users ashore and you will get an understanding of Components with their References.

You will learn how to create Jobs, carry out searches in the Job List and create Job History.

You will get and understanding of how to work with Unplanned Jobs and Defect Jobs, and how to create these jobs ad-hoc, based on Job History alone.

You will get acquainted with Counters and see how these interact with counter-based triggers, and you will learn how to manage your item inventory by performing stock management in your Warehouses.

Participate in this online training and learn about:

  • Components & References
  • Jobs
  • Job List
  • Job History
  • Defect Jobs
  • Counters
  • Stock Management

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  • Time: 09.00 am (UTC+1)
  • Duration: 2 hours.
  • Price: DKK 950 / €‎ 130