In this class you will learn about: The Purchasing Workflow, Requisitions, Requests for Quotes, Purchase Orders and Receiving the purchased goods (Items).


Procurement (Part I)

This course is relevant for both the crew onboard as well as SERTICA users ashore, and it will provide an understanding of the complete purchasing workflow.

You will learn how to create Requisitions, RFQs, and Purchase Orders, along with the various possibilities that exist when creating these.

You will gain an understanding of the difference between a Local Unit and a Normal Unit/Service Order.

Finally, you will become acquainted with the Address Book and learn how to set up standard methods for forwarding Purchase Orders (and RFQs) to individual suppliers.

Participate in this online training and learn about:

  • The procurement flow and its elements
  • Creating requisitions for items or services
  • Requesting quotes
  • Submitting purchase orders for quoted items
  • Receiving items or services

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  • Time: 09.00 am (UTC+2)
  • Duration: 2 hours.
  • Price: DKK 950 / €‎ 130