EURONAV is the world’s largest independent tanker company engaged in the transportation and storage of crude oil. The company is headquartered in Antwerp and has offices throughout Europe and Asia. EURONAV’s fleet management is mainly conducted by three wholly owned subsidiaries: EURONAV Ship Management SAS, EURONAV SAS, and EURONAV Ship Management (Hellas) Ltd.

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Implementing a Safety Mindset

UltraShip is a Ship Management company, responsible for Crew and Technical management of Ultragas vessels. UltraShip decided to define a Safety Mindset already when it started up in 2013. Today, safety is an integral part of the company’s mindset and a cross-cutting issue in all activities. UltraShip commits to developing and stimulating a safe working culture on-board ships and ashore.

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From Vessels to Profit Margin

In 2010, Clipper found themselves challenged by a situation, where they were operating with a fleet management system that did not meet their flexibility requirements. Furthermore, their supplier at the time was not focusing on them or their needs. This meant that Clipper had to adapt to the system instead of the system being adjusted for them. In the end, this was a critical criteria for Clipper to seek out a new supplier of fleet management system.

Read the case story and discover what leads Jesper S. Jensen - Head of Clipper Fleet Management - to state that “SERTICA definitely has a positive impact on our profit margin.”

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Achieving operational excellence

Today’s market exposes shipping companies to challenges on the bottom line, and technically managing a fleet of 50 highly sophisticated chemical tankers is a challenging task. Success in overcoming these challenges requires a great operational performance and an efficient use of resources. 


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Geared to growth

DFDS has a clear strategy: growth. And because the company operates no less than 38 ships, a series of port terminals and Denmark’s largest hotel on water, technical operation is no trivial matter. In 2009, DFDS was faced with the challenge of selecting a system which could contribute most effectively to realising and supporting an ambitious growth strategy. DFDS chose SERTICA - the system with the most powerful technology for data exchange between ship and shore.
Read the case story about DFDS here: Geared to Growth - DFDS

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