Implementing a Safety Mindset

UltraShip decided to define a Safety Mindset already when it started up in 2013. Today, safety is an integral part of the company’s mindset and a cross-cutting issue in all activities. UltraShip commits to developing and stimulating a safe working culture on-board ships and ashore. A Safety vision is formulated focusing on building the safety awareness of the employees: “We strive to be innovative in the way we manage safety in a spirit where we positively influence each other and constantly gain insight to reach the goal of zero incidents. We create an environment where it is possible to intervene and let ourselves be intervened whenever we see unsafe behaviour.” To discuss and develop the safety behaviour at Ultraship, the SAFETY I’s are continuously communicated and discussed internally.

The safety I’s and much more are described in UltraShip’s own Safety Mindset booklet, which internally, is known as “the bible.” The booklet contains the entire risk management process headed by the UltraShip Safety Vision.

The Integrated Management System is handled in SERTICA and Søren Vest, Head of Marine QA at Ultraship says, “SERTICA supports all our working processes, both safety and in general. By using modules such as InspectionReporting, Activities and Events, we support the goals set out in our Safety Mindset booklet.” He concludes, “we plan to use SERTICA for many years to come, as it is part of everything we do.”

Infographic on safety and photos of men working on a ship

Optimising with Paperless Workflow and Invoice Scanning

The procurement department at Ultraship is a front-runner when it comes to implementing a paperless workflow. They manage the entire procure-to-pay workflow through SERTICA and implemented Capture. Before all invoices were handled manually which were quite time-consuming. The system can check the invoices for UltraShip and they are less dependent on specific people to approve invoices. With the Capture solution, they have minimised their administrative expenses and resources related to invoices.

Jesper Alex Larsen, Head of Purchasing & Procurement at UltraShip, says, “I started working with SERTICA back in the nineties and the great thing about SERTICA is that it is constantly developing – the Capture solution is a good example of this. More importantly, RINA Digital Solutions is very good at including the customers in the development.” Jesper also highlights the distribution module in SERTICA: ”The fact that our warehouse also uses SERTICA, simplifies things since everything is connected.”

What will the future bring?

UltraShip is currently implementing the PMS Fleet concept, which means that jobs are aligned across the fleet. Today, each ship has created approximately 1000 jobs and 15-20.000 spare parts. Bjarne Juhl, ERP Specialist at UltraShip, acknowledges that RINA Digital Solutions has come a long way in implementing useful functionalities in SERTICA, and he has many ideas for future improvements. Søren Vest believes that UltraShip will intensify the use of SERTICA as “some modules have not yet been tested, so we are convinced that once we move from need-to-have in SERTICA to nice-to-have, life will become easier for many of us,” says Søren Vest.

The future also includes the implementation of SERTICA at some of UltraShip’s sister companies in South America. Ultraship is part of a much larger organization in Chile called Ultranav and after having investigated the market thoroughly, Ultranav has decided to roll out SERTICA in countries such as Chile, Peru and Argentina. This roll-out in South America includes storing the data in the same database as UltraShip to create the best possible synergy. Bjarne Juhl, ERP Specialist, argues, “it is an advantage to be able to draw data from the same database”.


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