With an ambitious plan to implement SERTICA in 5 weeks, Stena Marine Management managed to implement a Safety Management System and complete the DOC audit successfully.

Niklas Andersson, General Manager, Technical & Commercial Operations, at Stena RoRo tells, “SERTICA was chosen to enable us to start operating the vessels from early March. They were the only supplier we felt that could deliver on the task. They were good at pushing us for information to meet the timeline, and we were able to influence the setup all the way.”

Allocating dedicated resources to SERTICA

A successful implementation depends entirely on having the right resources and competences present in the project. Stena Marine Management allocated a dedicated Fleet Manager in the implementation process, who today acts as SERTICA Administrator and super-user.

”It is important to have a dedicated system owner, as SERTICA offers a lot of features requiring a system owner knowing the multiple integrations and functionalities.”

Stefan Pedersen, Fleet Manager at Stena Marine Management

Continuous training of the office and crew

Due to the fast implementation, Stena Marine Management did not have the time to complete a full training program for the crew before the first vessels came into management, but several officers have since then received training mostly onboard and recently, during an Officer Seminar to educate and involve the daily users.

Stefan Pedersen, Fleet Manager at Stena Marine Management argues, “After the onboard training, of our officers and superintendents, we see huge improvements because they now see the potential and opportunities in SERTICA. They know how to use the system in an optimal way and start to appreciate the advantages, such as linking between activities and events.”

Brittany Ferries, Kerry, at dock

Migrating data with minimum efforts

Cleaning the data and migrating to a new system requires time and expertise. Stefan Pedersen, Fleet Manager at Stena Marine Management tells, “We often see different database formats and quality. Therefore, we have made a Master Data component structure, ensuring a common standard across the vessels. This means that our crew will see the same component structure regardless of which vessel they are assigned to.”

Jesper Achard Henriksen from RINA Digital Solutions has been supporting Stena Marine Management in aligning the data and tells, “With a standardized component structure, Stena Marine Management can identify and compare critical components resulting in real time KPIs. Structuring data with the same numbers on the same equipment, Stena Marine Management is also one step closer towards Master Data Management. This will allow them to manage the data centrally and not from the individual units, which makes it easy to add new vessels to their fast-growing fleet.”

”We are quite experienced in this game of migrating data and we know that is a matter of time and skilled people – both from our side and the supplier. It turns out that RINA Digital Solutions is highly skilled, which results in the most efficient data migration I have experienced during my time at Stena RoRo.”

Niklas Andersson, General Manager, Technical & Commercial Operations, at Stena RoRo

Stefan Pedersen agrees and adds, “Reflecting on what I would have done differently, I realize that we should probably have outsourced more tasks to RINA Digital Solutions, because they have more experience with SERTICA than we do. Also, I should have had more focus on the Inspection List feature in SERTICA earlier in the process – I see today that it could have saved Stena Marine Management a lot of work.”

Today Stena Marine Management is actively using Martech Systems to make the component and job structure uniform across all vessels. This way the crew work in the same structure no matter which vessel they are assigned to – optimizing daily processes.

Third Party Integration

SERTICA Connect has become an indispensable tool in the daily routines as it allows easy exchange of data with external parties. Stena Marine Management is connected to suppliers and customers, who can add prices directly in SERTICA. This saves Stena Marine Management a lot of time because they no longer need to type several lines manually.

”We are very happy with SERTICA Connect as it has reduced our administrative burden significantly. We can follow all communication in SERTICA both in the office and onboard the vessels – not only POs, but also delivery confirmation and much more. We look forward to see which smart integration is added to SERTICA next.”

Stefan Pedersen, Fleet Manager at Stena Marine Management


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