At RINA Digital Solutions, your well-being is our priority. We strive to create the perfect balance between an ambitious work life and a satisfying personal life. We believe this leads to happy and efficient employees. We always look for new ways to make the impossible possible. Apply today and become a part of our success.

We approve of flexibility because we want your work life and personal life to cohere.

I have a lot of influence on my own tasks and working at RINA Digital Solutions has allowed me to grow at a personal and a professional level.

Morten, Head of Development

I enjoy working here because there is a culture of personal freedom and mutual respect and support.

Dres, Project Manager

The great thing about my work is to see our software being used in real life. Feedback from users is good opportunity to develop my skills in coding even further and thinking in different aspects.

Kenny, Software Developer

  • Morten, Head of Development
  • Dres, Project Manager
  • Kenny, Software Developer

We are always looking for new talent and you are welcome to send an unsolicited application.


Welcome to our family

“At RINA Digital Solutions, we strive to create the best solutions for our customers. We challenge ourselves and each other to do better. Even though our working days are characterized by independence and responsibility, we rely heavily on teamwork.

We are a team of skilled, enterprising and innovative professionals. As part of our team, you will never stand alone – neither when facing professional nor personal challenges. We work and grow together even though we are very different and unique individuals.

We want our employees to feel comfortable at work. Thus, we continuously strive to create a casual and informal work environment in which you can have fun with your colleagues.”

Lars Riisberg, CEO

“We have an informal culture with room for differences. We respect and appreciate our colleagues and our clients, and we offer a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Moreover, we pride ourselves on our professional approach to both our work and our workplace.

Our employees are our biggest strength and the key to our success and growth. It is important to us that each employee feels that they have a personal influence on their job and that their ideas and thoughts are welcome and appreciated.”

Lene Dahlstrøm, HR Manager

RINA Digital Solutions works closely with educational institutions in both Northern Jutland and Zealand. We continually take part in various events with students on different educational programs.

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RINA is an international company at which you can make a career for yourself and expand your network. At RINA Digital Solutions in Aalborg, you work closely with 50 dedicated colleagues. Besides the Danish office, you have more than 4,000 colleagues across more than 70 countries.

At RINA, we have one shared vision: to deliver the best solutions to our customers. To reach this vision, our employees have the freedom to contribute in the way they want to. Through our expertise, we create useful and innovative solutions that support even the most ambitious and complex projects that a company could want to take on.

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