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19.01.2023 - Blog

Why you should automate procurement with ERP software for shipping

In today’s competitive business landscape, it is more important than ever for companies to streamline their operations and eliminate inefficiencies through digitalization to stay ahead of the curve.

One area that can often benefit from automation is the procurement process, and this is particularly true in the shipping industry. By implementing an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solution specifically designed for shipping, companies can experience a wide range of benefits that can help them to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

There are many challenges with the traditional procurement process because it often consists of manual work that creates a lot of inefficient work procedures. There may be several people having to order the same product, long delivery times from when the order is placed to receiving the product, and important documents may be stored in several different places, which makes them difficult to find quickly.

This is where SERTICA ERP  software comes in handy. With our solution, it’s all gathered in one place and becomes your digital channel for shipping procurement.

The challenges of maritime eProcurement

Procurement in shipping companies is a complex matter because procurement departments are challenged by bad internet connection on the vessels and huge amounts of data. In addition, procurement managers must pay regard to the location and route of the vessels.

This may make manual procurement seem like a suitable option for shipping companies. However, this procurement strategy often leads to unnecessary administrative costs, ineffective workflows, limited access to information and time-consuming approval flows.

There exist several ERP systems which enable fleet managers to digitize their procurement activities. Since each shipping company has its own organizational structure, processes and approval matrixes, standard ERP systems cannot meet the demands of maritime fleet management procurement.

Therefore, fleet procurement managers need a system that is specifically developed for the maritime industry.

Why you need to invest in a shipping ERP system

An ERP software assist you in improving efficiency, and there are several reasons why you should invest in digitalizing procurement:

  • Streamlined and centralized purchasing processes
  • Improved inventory management
  • Reduced costs with automation
  • Better supplier communication
  • Decision making based on analytics data
  • Greater accuracy and reduction of human error
  • Improved compliance and reduced risk of fines

One of the biggest challenges faced by companies in the shipping industry is the need to deliver materials to ships on time and maintain effective communication with suppliers and warehouses.

With SERTICA you get a stable and reliable synchronization of information between ship and shore in place to ensure suppliers and warehouses are kept informed of any changes or delays.

Additionally, an ERP software for shipping can help you find the best suppliers and most profitable shipping ports, which can help to improve profitability.

Cover the entire procurement flow electronically

An important reason to digitalize your procurement processes is to reduce manual work. Procurement can be a complex and time-consuming task when relying on manual processes, but with an ERP software solution, many tasks can be handled electronically.

With an ERP system for shipping, you are provided with a user-friendly interface and electronic handling of:

By digitizing routine procurement tasks and potentially incorporating invoice scanning, you are able to allocate your time to more strategic and value-adding tasks.

Shipping procurement made simple

The digitization of shipping procurement processes can greatly simplify the purchasing process for all stakeholders involved. Rather than relying on disjointed and disparate methods, an ERP system streamlines the process into a single, cohesive platform.

With just a few clicks, you can easily keep track of offers, suppliers, approvals, purchase orders, and inventory management and supplier catalogs all in one central location.

Utilizing a shipping ERP system eliminates the need for excess inventory, lack of spare parts, waiting times, delayed deliveries, and production stoppages of machinery and equipment. On the other hand, it ensures higher quality, competitive prices, on-time delivery, and information about the best suppliers and most profitable shipping ports.

SERTICA Ship ERP offers a time-saving system while also reducing procurement process costs. Customized to fit the specific needs and objectives of your organization, this shipping software provides the necessary support to achieve your procurement goals.