Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is when you plan and prevent failures. The opposite strategy is to correct failures after they have occurred.

Which strategy is then the best match for your Maintenance Team? It all depends on the type of equipment you need to maintain. Furthermore, it is important that you choose a maintenance system with flexibility to match your needs.

Basically, most maintenance systems are operating with several methods of scheduling trigger-based maintenance tasks, but it also needs to be combined with a maintenance strategy.

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Preventive Maintenance: The Strategy of Preventing Failure  

Preventive Maintenance is basically a type of maintenance that is done on a regular basis while the equipment is still functioning. The objective is to prevent failure, minimize the consequence of failure or assessing the risk of failure occurring.

When performing preventive equipment maintenance, you plan to replace an asset at a fixed interval regardless of its condition.

This strategy includes different methods for planning maintenance and may be performed based on triggers such as time, usage or condition.

Many companies combine the triggers. Take a car for example, it may need oil change, and this is scheduled for every year or 20.000 km. The system then automatically triggers the due date for the job no matter what frequency instance comes first – date or km.

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Maintenance Strategies:

Calendar Based Maintenance

Counter Based Maintenance

Condition Based Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance: The Fire Fighting Strategy

Emergency Maintenance

Preventive Maintenenance and other maintenance strategies

A Maintenance System that supports Preventive Maintenance

In SERTICA you can plan all your maintenance activities and your Maintenance Team can use simple apps to perform their daily tasks and reporting.

You keep all data, history and tasks centrally and eliminate most firefighting. You can set up preventive maintenance triggers on critical equipment and use the run-to-failure strategy on non-critical equipment.

Implementing SERTICA you get all the support you need to digitalize and optimize your internal maintenance processes.

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