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19.03.2021 - Blog

Counter Based Maintenance

What is Counter Based Maintenance?

Counter Based Maintenance is when you perform maintenance based on usage, which is typically running hours, e.g. every 1000 hours. You may also plan maintenance based on the number of events or operations such as every 200 cycles.

It can be tricky to know when to perform the maintenance, how to measure the need, and how to track, analyze, and organize all the data necessary. And if you include automatic readings and IoT, it all becomes even more complicated and expensive. Therefore it is a great advantage to plan and structure Counter Based Maintenance in a modern CMMS system.

Illustration of counter based maintenance

Save costs with a Maintenance Plan

Investing in a digital CMMS system allows you to include a counter-based maintenance plan with triggers when a certain counter value has passed.

An efficient Maintenance Plan:

  1. Add detailed information about the work that needs to be performed for each equipment.
  2. Shedule the work (e.g. counter readings).
  3. Add the necesary ressources (workers and hours).
  4. Add the spare parts you need to perform the task to ensure that these are in stock when you need them.
  5. Make sure to include work permits if needed.

A Counter Based Maintenance strategy gives you a more accurate date for the maintenance task as it is based upon the actual usage of the equipment, which saves maintenance costs. Moreover, you can do acurate budgeting.

Watch video example of creating a job in SERTICA based upon a counter:

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Automate counter readings with IoT

For many companies, the read out of the counter value is still a manual process, but with today’s IoT development, it is possible to automate these readings. Optimally, companies should collect the values automatically on an agreed time schedule such as every second hour or even live if possible.

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