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19.01.2021 - Blog

Calendar Based Maintenance

What is Calendar Based Maintenance?

Calendar Based Maintenance refers to replacing or renewing an item to restore its reliability at a fixed time regardless of its condition. The time interval may be fixed at every week, every month or every three months.

This maintenance strategy is also referred to as Time Based or Clock Based Maintenance.

Illustration of different types of Maintenance

Calendar Based Maintenance is a common strategy

This strategy is highly effective for age-related equipment or parts, where you know it tends to last for a certain amount of time. This method is used by most companies as it makes planned maintenance relatively easy. However, with this method you may risk maintaining your equipment too often or the other way around.

This strategy is often applied to short-life-assets such as pumps, overhead gate motors and fire extinguishers. An example could be to inspect the fire extinguishers every 6 months.

In a digital Maintenance Management System you get an easy and simple overview of tasks. With a few clicks you can activate, finish, print and follow the status of each task. You can see technical information and job orders, and change details in the job – thereby automatically creating new due dates.

Eliminate manual processes as well as chaotic and uncoordinated collection of spreadsheets, documents and emails with SERTICA. 

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Creating a job based upon a calendar date in SERTICA

Watch video example of creating a job in SERTICA based on a calendar date:

As the demo shows, you can easily create calendar-jobs in SERTICA and thereby plan and execute your jobs based on an advanced job list. This job list can also show the relations between jobs. Furthermore, you get an overview of inventory and can act on your maintenance history to reduce downtime on equipment.

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