In 1987, Aalborg Shipyard was closed, and the idea of Logimatic originated from there. Logimatic is a company with the purpose of passing on the collected knowledge and expertise gathered throughout the years.

Our mission has always been to improve the competitiveness of our customers. The idea for SERTICA was presented in 1991 by the name “Logihold.” SERTICA was developed to offer shipping companies a way to plan their maintenance systematically and manage their fleet effectively to achieve cost savings.

As many companies chose to take benefit from the new solution, SERTICA began to expand its functionality. A new solution for procurement called “ePos” was added (later upgraded to Procurement). Furthermore, the system began to adapt to the many new demands from our customers and evolved into a very flexible solution - for both the maritime and industrial sectors.

In 2008, the solution had a complete makeover and in 2011, the name was changed to SERTICA. The new version mainly focused on improving the efficiency and usability of SERTICA, and as a result, new modules and add-ons were developed. For example, SERTICA HSQE was launched and users were given the possibility to make inspections, job requests and stock takes with their tablets and smartphones.

Overall, SERTICA attempts to create as much value for our customers as possible.





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