Industrial Maintenance

SERTICA Maintenance is a planned maintenance system designed to manage,
monitor and document maintenance activities in all lines of business.

The SERTICA Maintenance solution is aimed at the often hectic life
in a maintenance department. Therefore the focus is on user
friendliness and quick overviews of vital information.

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Module Overview

Below examples of modules available when adjusting and expanding the scope of SERTICA. Since we develop customer-specific solutions, please contact us if you need something that is not listed here. SERTICA is constantly developing, so if you wish to keep updated, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on LinkedIn.


SERTICA is used all over the world - by all types of companies. The system is e.g. used by production companies, waste water companies, incineration plants, heat and power plants, food businesses, pharmaceutical companies, breweries, the metal industry and shipping companies.

Some of our Industrial Customers

Dynaudio is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end loudspeakers. Founded in 1977, the Danish company is one of the world's most distinguished audio companies. Dynaudio is particularly recognised for its advanced driver technology, its pioneering R&D technology, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Located in Skanderborg, the two production sites produce speaker units for cars and high-end cabinets. The Maintenance department consists of six employees and Dynaudio totals 350 employees.

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Now there is an end to paper, pens and deficiency reports in envelopes being sent around the internal postal system. With a single click, the watch at BIOFOS can electronically report deficiencies to the maintenance department around the clock. By doing so, they are ensured an easier, direct and more efficient work flow. BIOFOS has more control over the maintenance with SERTICA.

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Xellia Pharmaceuticals A/S is an international specialty pharmaceutical company in which SERTICA has been used for maintenance of the production site in Denmark since 1999. After having used the solution for 16 years Xellia is so satisfied with the solution, that it has extended the scope of the system, so that it now also covers the newly acquired production site in North Carolina, USA.

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